Stephanie Linus

Stephanie Linus gets a new job as the United Nations Population Fund ambassador for West & Central Africa.

Nollywood actress Stephanie Linus has is now the UNFPA Regional Ambassador for West & Central Africa.

The United Nations Population Fund made the appointment yesterday, Wednesday, March 8, 2017.

"It is my aspiration that access to reproductive health care for women and girls, especially family planning, will be seen not as a blessing to be wished for, but as a human right to be fought for," said Stephanie Linus as she acknowledged the honour.


"Fought for, not just because of equality, but because we are tired of women dying while giving birth, tired of teenage girls dropping out of school because they got pregnant too early, tired of women not having a choice to decide if, when and how many children they wish to have. I know I am tired of this. This is why I feel honoured to partner with UNFPA and to use my network to make these issues widely known" she further said.


As an ambassador of the UNFPA, Stephanie Linus will help raise awareness on these several issues. She will also help to encourage laws to protect the girl child as well as aid investments for young people.


At the 2016 Nollywood and African Film Critics awards, Stephanie Linus’ movie ‘Dry‘ was a major winner.

The movie won the overall Best Film and also earned Linus the Best Actress in a Leading Role award.

Inspired by the true story of a young girl named Aisha, the movie features Darwin Shaw as Dr Alex, the legendary Liz Benson Ameye as the Matron and Bill McNamara as Dr Brown.