Brymo speaks to Pulse TV on album, choc city, more

Brymo's 'I don't Care' attitude is made evident in the controversial statements he has been making in recent times.

Brymo is known for his reserved nature which is in sharp contrast with the depth he exhibits in his music.

One other attribute that makes him stand out is his rebellious, 'I don't care' attitude that makes you want to hate but and love him at the same time.

This is made evident in the controversial statements he has been making in recent times.

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During a recent interview with Sunday Scoop, the "Klitoris" crooner explained the rationale behind his statements.

When asked about his statement about wanting to go to hell because that’s where all good people go, Bbrymo said:

"A lot of the people we call legends and role models did not live their lives in accordance with religious standards. And by religious standards, people who do not live in a certain way won’t make heaven.

"Today, we’re fans of Fela and many people like him who suffered for the good of mankind. When we die, we’re all going to the grave and that’s hell."


Considering the fact that collaborations with Brymo are next to non-existent, here is what he had to say about the notion that his colleagues see him as snobbish.

"I actually want them to see me as snobbish. A lot of importance is placed on collaboration which I don’t think is necessary. When you collaborate, it should be because you have a connection with the person but it has been bastardized these days.

"However, if I find someone I have a connection with, I would collaborate but it’s not a do-or-die affair."

He adds, "Many of them don’t make music the way it should be. For me, it’s about being different and going in a different direction from the crowd."


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Brymo is one of the leading acts when it comes to Nigerian style soul and R&B with a touch of highlife.

A perfect mixture for 'deep, if u ask me.

Brymo started his musical career in 2007 with the release of his album, "Brymstone," and has been on a steady rise since then.