We feel some Nigerian celebs should also have a Big Brother celebrity challenge too just to spice things up.

The Big Brother Nigeria contest is finally over!

After all the Twitter trends, controversies, fights and sharing of recharge cards, we can finally have peace.

Meanwhile, we feel some Nigerian celebs should also have a Big Brother celebrity challenge too just to spice things up.

Some of them include:

1. Noble Igwe


Very vocal on social media. Igwe is always answering Instagram trolls and every negative comment directed at him.

Would be great to see Noble in action on TV.

2. IK Ogbonna


Uncle IK should also be a participant. With his 'oyinbo' wife and son, IK would be another crowd puller in the house.

Of course, you would have Sonia garnering the support for him on social media while he pulls a Thin Tall Tony in there.

Just saying.

3. Cossy Orjiakor


Cossy mama! Who wouldn't want Cossy in there with her big boobs and behind?

Cossy would definitely pull a CoCo Ice on them! That we're sure of.

4. Alexx Ekubo


Quiet outspoken Alexx Ekubo should be another interesting contestant.

He would definitely win man of the house several times for his level-headedness.

5. Cynthia Morgan


Cynthia Morgan, action mama! Always calling out her haters on social media.

She's sure to stir up controversies in the house. One thing is for sure, she would not be taking sh*t from anyone in there!

(She would probably have issues with people like Noble and Halima Abubakar)

6. Freeze


Outspoken media personality turned evangelist, Freeze is another engaging candidate.

This OAP doesn't mince words for any reason. Would be fun to see him on our TV screen.

7. Denrele Edun


No too much words needed here. You already know Denrele is Big Brother material.

8. Maheeda


Can't include Cossy without adding Maheeda too, can we?

Who doesn't want a nudist in the house should just go and die abeg.

9. Halima Abubakar


Drama filled Halima Abubakar… Always replying Instagram trolls. No chill pill Halima is another can't wait to see in a Big Brother contest.

Halima we would personally buy you a form!

10. Tonto Dikeh


Can't have all those people without including a mother to control the house.

As expected, there would be the occasional outburst but it's worth it!

Let the drama begin!