Genevieve Nnaji

Vote wisely…

Today we're pitching two celebrity queens against each other and we want you to choose one.

Genevieve Nnaji has gone from an unnoticed girl in "Sunset in Africa" to the sought-after, bold and talented woman in movies like "Two Together," "My Love," and the ever classic "Keeping Faith."

She has managed to bury herself deep into the hearts of Nigerians and was once voted by our readers as their favourite celebrity.


How Genevieve does her magic is still a mystery to us. Although, Genevieve hasn't featured in too many movies this year, but she has still been able to retain that A-list status and persona and is currently commandeering over 2.1million followers on Instagram.


Sexy mama Jam Jam, Tiwa Savage is another hotty.

With the highest number of followers on Instagram (over 3.1 million), Savage is a triple threat with her natural songwriting ability, her electrifying stage presence and a voice that stays powerful through many stages.


Tiwa warmed her way into our hearts with the single “Kele Kele Love”, which went on to become an anthem for women everywhere around as it took the number one spot on numerous radio and television stations across the continent.

Any story about her is bound to trend! She's definitely got that fan love thing going for her.

Vote wisely!