Mercy Aigbe-Gentry, Nollywood Actress

She has been all about God, motherhood and life.

Mercy Aigbe seems to have recovered from the last bout of domestic violence that crashed her seven-year-old marriage.

The movie star has picked up the pieces of her life and she's moving on!


She has been all about God, motherhood and life. Below are five things she's been up to ever since her marriage crashed!

1. Now a domestic violence advocate

Take it or leave it, Mercy Aigbe is now a domestic violence advocate.


Having experienced it first hand herself, the Yoruba actress has been very vocal about it on social media.

She recently shared on Instagram, "Domestic Violence has got to stop!!!

It's a NO, NO!

If you can't stand your partner what about opting out? Instead of killing the person in the process of beating? …….. Many have lost their lives (Sad)! …… No matter wat she/he does VIOLENCE isn't an Option!"

2. Getting treatment abroad


Mercy is currently in the UK to see an oral and maxillofacial Surgeon.

3. Spending more time with her kids

The mum of two has been busy sharing photos of herself with her children.

She's now spending more time with the two in this trying time.

4. Busy with her store

It's now all about taking her boutique to the next level.

She has been so busy with the publicity and travelling to buy wares for it.

5. Sharing slay photos


Let's not forget the slaying photos people. Mercy Aigbe has come to slay and ain't not domestic violence issue is stoping her!